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MSS is a supplier of RF and Microwave components and sub-assemblies for the communications, radar and defense electronics industries. Founded in the 1980s, MSS's offerings have grown to include low cost solutions for Cellular and PCS base stations, Satellite ground terminals, GPS navigation and surveying systems as well as the traditional military products.

MSS draws its strength from a core design team with extensive microwave experience. Our design philosophy: The simple solution is often the best solution

Our mission:

To provide RF and microwave products with the optimum balance of cost vs. performance. The method is simple too - we use commercially available components whenever possible. Our designs are suited for standard automatic manufacturing platforms. Yet, we provide enhanced performance with custom designs in strategic functional areas such as filtering and low noise amplification. The result is exceptional subsystem performance at standard component prices.

MSS products range from passive components such as filters, couplers and power dividers to active devices including low noise amplifiers and solid state switches to integrated subassemblies such as up/down converters and receiver front ends.

Updated April 2010